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Tournament News

News related to the 2008 tournament.

2012 College Coach Attendance

Following is a list of the (93) coaches from (68) colleges and universities that attended the 2012 showcase - many thanks to the athletes and their coaches that made this possible:

1. Ashland University (OH)
Sheila Gulas - Head Coach

2. Indiana University of Pennsylvania (PA)
Bill Graham - Head Coach

3. Grand Valley State University (MI)
Dana Callihan - Assistant Coach

4. Bethany College (WV)
Jan Forsty - Head Coach
Kristen McGaughey - Assistant Coach

5. Denison University (OH)
Brian ledford - Assistant Coach

6. Baldwin Wallace University (OH)
Gary Saunders - Assistant Coach

7. Marietta College (OH)
Jeanne Arbuckle - Head Coach
Jenn Castle - Assistant Coach

8. Robert Morris University (PA)
Craig Coleman - Head Coach
Jaci Timko - Assistant Coach

9. Bowling Green State University (OH)
Shannon Salsburg - Head Coach
Lani Shaffer - Assistant Coach
Monica Wright - Assistant Coach

10. Urbana University (OH)
Danielle Lowe - Head Coach

11. University of Mount Union (OH)
Sandy Douglas - Head Coach
Ed Vargo - Assistant Coach

12. Ohio Dominican University (OH)
Marcella Vanlandingham - Head Coach
Shannon St. Clair - Assistant Coach

13. Kent State University (OH)
Karen Linder - Head Coach
Jexx Varner - Assistant Coach

14. Ohio Wesleyan University (OH)
Cassie Cunningham

15. Indiana Institute of Technology (IN)
Becky Norris - Head Coach
Lloydene Searle - Assistant Coach

16. Tiffin University (OH)
Jeff Nickerson - Head Coach
Casey Hanes - Assistant Coach

17. Manhattan College (NY)
Bridget Hurlman - Assistant Coach

18. Sinclair Community College (OH)
Steve Beachler - Head Coach

19. Youngstown State University (OH)
Brian Campbell - Head Coach
Tiffany Patteson - Assistant Coach

20. Otterbein University (OH)
Christine Steines - Head Coach
Liz Allum - Assistant Coach

21. Butler University (IN)
Scott Hall - Head Coach

22. Lewis University (IL)
Sara Somogyi - Assistant Coach

23. Hillsdale College (MI)
Joe Abraham - Head Coach
Erin Porter - Assistant Coach

24. Muskingum University (OH)
Kari Hoying - Head Coach
Ashley Price - Assistant Coach

25. Saint Francis University (PA)
Kelly Miller - Assistant Coach

26. Hanover College (IN)
Megan Carlton - Head Coach

27. Ave Maria University (FL)
Tim Speakman - Head Coach
Kevin Scott - Assistant Coach

28. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IN)
Amanda Rivera - Head Coach

29. Concord University (WV)
Alisa Tasler - Head Coach

30. Miami University (OH)
Amanda Buchholz - Assistant Coach

31. University of Akron (OH)
Julie Jones - Head Coach
Julie Pratt - Assistant Coach

32. Morehead State University (KY)
Jennifer Giles - Assistant Coach

33. Ohio University (OH)
Jenna Hall - Assistant Coach

34. Kentucky Wesleyan College (KY)
Miles Mallette - Head Coach

35. Transylvania University (KY)
Kim Tackett - Head Coach
Jodi Stevens - Assistant Coach

36. Lake Erie College (OH)
Kristin Hall - Head Coach

37. Wright State University (OH)
Dave Brittingham - Assistant Coach
Dawnjene DeLong - Assistant Coach

38. Thiel College (PA)
Stephanie Smith - Assistant Coach

39. Salem International University (WV)

Steve Potts - Head Coach

40. Southern University (LA)
Mark Mattox - Head Coach

41. Mount Aloysius College (PA)
Rick Bicke - Head Coach

42. Fairmont State University (WV)
Rick Wade - Head Coach
Brad Campbell - Assistant Coach

43. Northern Kentucky University (KY)

Kathy Stewart - Head Coach
Chip Gregg - Assistant Coach

44. West Liberty University (WV)
James Bacca - Head Coach

45. University of Charleston (WV)
Ray Loeser - Head Coach

46. Alverno College (WI)
Kristin Ortman - Head Coach

47. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (IN)
Brian Shearer - Head Coach

48. Georgetown College (KY)
Thomas Thorton - Head Coach
Bryan Johnson - Assistant Coach

49. Defiance College (OH)
Jodie Holava - Head Coach
Kaycee Butt - Assistant Coach

50. Adelphi University (NY)
Betsy White - Assistant Coach

51. Trine University (IN)
Brittney Stensland - Assistant Coach
Dennis Smith - Assistant Coach

52. Chatham University (PA)
Brittany Leslie - Assistant Coach

53. Grove City College (PA)
Chelle Fuss - Head Coach

54. Valparaiso University (IN)
Katheryn Boldt - Assistant Coach

55. Indiana University (IN)
Becky Keogh - Assistant Coach

56. University of Kentucky (KY)

Rachel Lawson - Head Coach

57. Willmington College (OH)
Beth Floyd - Head Coach
Gina Schneider - Assistant Coach

58. University of Northwestern Ohio (OH)
Tracy Coffman - Head Coach
Tom Riepenhoff - Assistant Coach

59. The Ohio State University (OH)

Kelly Schoenly - Head Coach

60. Glenville State College (WV)
Mandy Sansbury - Head Coach
Rich Sansbury - Assistant Coach

61. University of Rio Grande (OH)
Amber Bowman - Assistant Coach

62. University of Dayton (OH)
Kara LaPlaca - Head Coach

63. University of Indianapolis (IN)
melissa Frost-Fisher - Head Coach

64. Pennsylvania State University (PA)
Robin Petrini - Head Coach

65. The College of Wooster (OH)
Bob Lance - Assistant Coach

66. Thomas More College (KY)
Lindsay bramhall - Head Coach

67. Franklin College (IN)
Butch Zike - Head Coach

68. Cleveland State University (OH)

Angie Nicholson - Head Coach


Tournament Information: 

2013 Ohio USA/ASA Qualifiers

Following is a listing of the contact information for 2013 USA/ASA qualifying events open to Ohio teams. This information was obtained from Ohio ASA and is posted with the permission of Ohio ASA.


Tournament Information: 

Tournament Brackets

18U Pool & Bracket Information
18U Bracket Seedings 18U Elimination Bracket
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Pool E Pool F Pool G Pool H


16U Pool & Bracket Information
16U Bracket Seedings 16U Elimination Bracket
Pool I Pool J Pool K Pool L
Pool M Pool N Pool O Pool P


14U Pool & Bracket Information
14U Bracket Seedings 14U Elimination Bracket
Pool Q Pool R Pool S
Pool T Pool U Pool V


12U Pool & Bracket Information
12U Bracket Seedings 12U Elimination Bracket
Pool AA Pool BB Pool CC
Pool DD Pool EE Pool FF


10U Pool & Bracket Information
10U Bracket Seedings 10U Elimination Bracket
Pool GG Pool HH Pool II
Pool JJ Pool KK Pool LL


Following is a complete list of the teams playing in the 2013 Showcase by age group and playing pool. The Master Field Schedule can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Please read the Tournament Rules to determine how teams will be seeded for elimination play.

Pool Game #1 - Team 1 vs Team 2 & Team 3 vs Team 4
Pool Game #2 - Team 1 vs Team 3 & Team 2 vs Team 4
Pool Game #3 - Team 1 vs Team 4 & Team 2 vs Team 3


18U POOL 'A'
18A1-Beverly Bandits Gold
18A2-NEO Bulldogs
18A3-Ohio Stingrays Allum
18A4-Pittsburgh Power Gold

18U POOL 'B'
18B1-Guelph Gators
18B2-Indy Dreams Gold Benefiel
18B3-Ohio Bandits
18B4-West Virginia Dusters

18U POOL 'A' & 'B 4th Game
18A1-Beverly Bandits Gold vs 18B3-Ohio Bandits
18A2-NEO Bulldogs vs 18B2-Indy Dreams Gold Benefiel
18A3-Ohio Stingrays Allum vs 18B4-West Virginia Dusters
18A4-Pittsburgh Power Gold vs 18B1-Guelph Gators


18U POOL 'C'
18C1-Indiana Xtreme
18C2-Ohio Nightmare Gold
18C3-Ohio Wolfpack
18C4-Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners Blue

18U POOL 'D'
18D1-Indy Dreams Gold
18D2-M C Madness Black
18D3-Ohio Classics
18D4-Ohio Lasers Silver

18U POOL 'C' & 'D' 4th Game
18C1-Indiana Xtreme vs 18D4-Ohio Lasers Silver
18C2-Ohio Nightmare Gold vs 18D1-Indy Dreams Gold
18C3-Ohio Wolfpack vs 18D3-Ohio Classics
18C4-Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners Blue vs 18D2-M C Madness Black


18U POOL 'E'
18E1-Cincy Doom Gold
18E2-Indiana Gators
18E3-Kane County Xplosion
18E4-Ohio Ice Black

18U POOL 'F'
18F1-DiDi Rockers Gold
18F2-Miami Valley Xpress Gold
18F3-Road Runner Elite
18F4-Valley Extreme White

18U POOL 'E' & 'F' 4th Game
18E1-Cincy Doom Gold vs 18F1-DiDi Rockers Gold
18E2-Indiana Gators vs 18F4-Valley Extreme White
18E3-Kane County Xplosion vs 18F3-Road Runner Elite
18E4-Ohio Ice Black vs 18F2-Miami Valley Xpress Gold


18U POOL 'G'
18G1-Michigan Batbusters Elite
18G2-Ohio Stingrays Wiley
18G3-Oklahoma Twisters Gold 3N2
18G4-Ohio Lasers Gold

18U POOL 'H'
18H1-Florida Stingrays Gold
18H2-Ohio Lassers Black
18H3-Ohio Outlaws
18H4-Pittsburgh Spirit Gold

18U POOL 'G' & 'H' 4th Game
18G1-Michigan Batbusters Elite vs 18H3-Ohio Outlaws
18G2-Ohio Stingrays Wiley vs 18H4-Pittsburgh Spirit Gold
18G3-OKlahoma Twisters Gold 3N2 vs 18H3-Ohio Lasers Black
18G4-Ohio Lasers Gold vs 18H1-Florida Stingrays Gold


16U POOL 'I'
16I1-Adrian Lookouts
16I2-Indiana Magic Gold
16I3-Kentucky Softball Club
16I4-Ohio Stingrays Theophilus

16U POOL 'J'
16J1-FAST Wizards Elite
16J2-Indiana Gators Gold
16J3-MSW Hurricanes
16J4-Pittsburgh Spirit Gold

16U POOL 'I' & 'J' 4th Game
16I1-Adrian Lookouts vs 16J2-Indiana Gators Gold
16I2-Indiana Magic Gold vs 16J1-FAST Wizards Elite
16I3-Kentucky Softball Club vs 16J3-MSW Hurricanes
16I4-Ohio Stingrays Theophilus vs 16J4-Pittsburgh Spirit Gold


16U POOL 'K'
16K1-Indy Dreams Weaver
16K2-New Era Diamond Girls
16K3-Ohio Outlaws Silver
16K4-Team Pennsylvania

16U POOL 'L'
16L1-Cincy Doom 97
16L2-Indiana Shockwaves Black
16L3-Ohio Classics Black
16L4-Pittsburgh Power Premier

16U POOL 'K' & 'L' 4th Game
16K1-Indy Dreams Weaver vs 16L1-Cincy Doom 97
16K2-New Era Diamond Girls vs 16L4-Pittsburgh Power Premier
16K3-Ohio Outlaws Silver vs 16L2-Indiana Shockwaves Black
16K4-Team Pennsylvania vs 16L3-Ohio Classics Black


16U POOL 'M'
16M1-Buckeye Heat Zoltowski
16M2-Indy Edge Wolf
16M3-Team Mizuno Gold
16M4-Team Nike 96

16U POOL 'N'
16N1-Buckeye Heat 97
16N2-Cincy Doom 96
16N3-Indiana Xtreme
16N4-Michigan Bulldogs 97

16U POOL 'M' & 'N' 4th Game
16M1-Buckeye heat Zoltowski vs 16N3-Indiana Xtreme
16M2-Indy Edge Wolf vs 16N2-Cincy Doom 96
16M3-Team Mizuno Gold vs 16N1-Buckeye Heat 97
16M4-Team Nike 96 vs 16N4-Michigan Bulldogs 97


16U POOL 'O'
16O1-Indiana Shockwaves Gold
16O2-Kentucky SWATT
16O3-Michigan Batbusters Vitale
16O4-Ohio Stingrays Leedy

16U POOL 'P'
16P1-Cincy Static 97
16P2-Hoosier Crush Gold
16P3-Ohio Ice Blue
16P4-Kentucky USSSA Pride

16U POOL 'O' & 'P' 4th Game
16O1-Indiana Shockwaves Gold vs 16P3-Ohio Ice Blue
16O2-Kentucky SWATT vs 16P2-Hoosier Crush Gold
16O3-Michigan Batbusters Vitale vs 16P1-Cincy Static 97
16O4-Ohio Stingrays Leedy vs 16P4-Kentucky USSSA Pride


14U POOL 'Q'
14Q1-Easton Heat Gold
14Q2-Kentucky Softball Club
14Q3-Michigan Batbusters 98
14Q4-Ohio Stingrays Skerbetz

14U POOL 'R'
14R1-Indiana Magic Gold
14R2-Motor City Madness
14R3-Ohio Lasers Gray
14R4-Team Pennsylvania

14U POOL 'Q' & 'R' 4th Game
14Q1-Easton Heat Gold vs 14R1-Indiana Magic Gold
14Q2-Kentucky Softball Club vs 14R2-Motor City Madness
14Q3-Michigan Batbusters 98 vs 14R3-Ohio Lasers Gray
14Q4-Ohio Stingrays Skerbetz vs 14R4-Team Pennsylvania


14U POOL 'S'
14S1-Indy Diamond Chix
14S2-Michigan Vipers 99
14S3-Ohio Classics 98
14S4-Ohio Lasers Purple

14U POOL 'T'
14T1-East Peoria Express
14T2-Ohio Lasers Red
14T3-Ohio Glory Navy
14T4-Turnin 2

14U POOL 'S' & 'T' 4th Game
14S1-Indy Diamond Chix vs 14T2-Ohio Lasers Red
14S2-Michigan Vipers 99 vs 14T1-East Peoria Express
14S3-Ohio Classics 98 vs 14T4-Turnin 2
14S4-Ohio Lasers Purple vs 14T3-Ohio Glory Navy


14U POOL 'U'
14U1-Cincy Static 98
14U2-Compuware 98
14U3-Heart of Ohio Nitro
14U4-Indiana Gators 99

14U POOL 'V'
14V1-Indiana Diamonds
14V2-Ohio Hawks Kepple
14V3-Ohio Stingrays White
14V4-Pittsburgh Power

14U POOL 'U' & 'V' 4th Game
14U1-Cincy Static 98 vs 14V1-Indiana Diamonds
14U2-Compuware 98 vs 14V3-Ohio Stingrays White
14U3-Heart of Ohio Nitro vs 14V2-Ohio Hawks Kepple
14U4-Indiana Gators 99 vs 14V4-Pittsburgh Power


12AA1-Grand Slam
12AA2-Ohio Blast
12AA3-Ohio Lasers Green
12AA4-Team Pennsylvania

12BB1-Cincy Static 00 Morris
12BB2-Ohio Stingrays Marcum
12BB3-Michigan Pride 00
12BB4-TPS Premier

12U POOL 'AA' & 'BB' 4th Game
12AA1-Grand Slam vs 12BB1-Cincy Static 00 Morris
12AA2-Ohio Blast vs 12BB3-Michigan Pride 00
12AA3-Ohio Lasers Green vs 12BB4-TPS Premier
12AA4-Team Pennsylvania vs 12BB2-Ohio Stingrays Marcum


12CC2-Ohio Hawks 00 Villies
12CC3-Ohio Ice Black
12CC4-Ohio Lasers Orange

12DD1-Buckeye Heat 00
12DD2-Heart of Ohio Fear Factor
12DD3-Indy Crush
12DD4-Pittsburgh Power

12U POOL 'CC' & 'DD' 4th Game
12CC1-Compuware vs 12DD1-Buckeye Heat 00
12CC2-Ohio Hawks 00 Villies vs 12DD2-Heart of Ohio Fear Factor
12CC3-Ohio Ice Black vs 12DD3-Indy Crush
12CC4-Ohio Lasers Orange vs 12DD4-Pittsburgh Power


12EE1-Ohio Classics 00
12EE2-Pittsburgh Spirit Gold
12EE3-Thunder Elite Fastpitch
12EE4-Valley Extreme Swipas

12FF1-Eagles Fastpitch Gold
12FF2-Indiana Gators 01
12FF3-OFC Heat Orange
12FF4-Ohio Stingrays Gunter

12U POOL 'EE' & 'FF' 4th Game
12EE1-Ohio Classics 00 vs 12FF1-Eagles Fastpitch Gold
12EE2-Pittsburgh Spirit Gold vs 12FF3-OFC Heat Orange
12EE3-Thunder Elite Fastpitch vs 12FF2-Indiana Gators 01
12EE4-Valley Extreme Swipas vs 12FF4-Ohio Stingrays Gunter


10GG1-Hoosier Crush
10GG2-Michigan Pride
10GG3-Ohio Stingrays Mason
10GG4-Wildcats Fastpitch

10HH1-Indiana Gators
10HH2-Lady Lasers White
10HH3-Ohio Classics
10HH4-Venom Fastpitch Black

10U POOL 'GG' & 'HH' 4th Game
10GG1-Hoosier Crush vs 10HH2-Lady lasers White
10GG2-Michigan Pride vs 10HH3-Ohio Classics
10GG3-Ohio Stingrays mason vs 10HH1-Indiana Gators
10GG4-Wildcats Fastpitch vs 10HH4-Venom Fastpitch Black


10II1-Explosive Fastpitch Black
10II2-Cincy Slammers National
10II3-Pittsburgh Power
10II4-Valley Extreme

10JJ1-Central Ohio Lady Vipers
10JJ2-Indiana Xtreme
10JJ3-OFC Heat
10JJ4-Ohio Wolfpack

10U POOL 'II' & POOL 'JJ' 4th Game
10II1-Explosive Fastpitch Black vs 10JJ1-Central Ohio Lady Vipers
10II2-Cincy Slammers National vs 10JJ4-Ohio Wolfpack
10II3-Pittsburgh Power vs 10JJ2-Indiana Xtreme
10II4-Valley Extreme vs 10JJ3-OFC Heat


10KK1-Elyria SunDogs
10KK2-Indy Crush
10KK3-Mason Thunder
10KK4-Ohio Storm

10LL1-Heart of Ohio Havoc
10LL2-Nitro Fastpitch
10LL3-Ohio Blast
10LL4-Ohio Stingrays Pope

10U POOL 'KK' & 'LL' 4th Game
10KK1-Elyria SunDogs vs 10LL1-Heart of Ohio Havoc
10KK2-Indy Crush vs 10LL2-Nitro Fastpitch
10KK3-Mason Thunder vs 10LL3-Ohio Blast
10KK4-Ohio Storm vs 10LL4-Ohio Stingrays Pope

A Master Field Schedule can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Tournament Information: 

Tournament Locations

The 2013 Ohio Stingrays College Showcase will have four sites: Fred Beekman Park and Coffey Road Park on the campus of The Ohio State University, and Pickerington Central and North Softball Complexes. Beekman Park

Fred Beekman Park

Pickerington Central High School

Pickerington Central

Pickerington North HS

Pickerington North

Coffey Park

Coffey Road



Tournament Information: 

2013 Tournament Rules


The Ohio Stingrays are happy to host our annual Junior Olympic Girls Fastpitch College Showcase again at the The Ohio State University's Fred Beekman Park and Coffey Road Park facilities and the Pickerington Central and North High School Softball Complexes. Our organization greatly appreciates The Ohio State University and the Pickerington Local School District making these facilities available for our showcase because they are among the premier venues for fastpitch softball in Ohio. In order that we may continue our good relationship with The Ohio State University and the Pickerington Local School District, we ask that everyone adhere to the following rules:

1. No stake is to be driven into the ground for any reason at any time.

2. No ice should be dumped on the grass at any time.

3. No softtoss should be done into any of the permanent fencing or backstops of the facilities.

4. We ask that each team clean out its dugout after each game.

5. As the weeked goes on, The Ohio State Univesity requests that we vary the warm-up areas so that none of the grass is worn thin. Stay out of painted areas indicating worn grass.

6. No signs are to be taped to any building, door, pole, fence, etc. Signs and/or banners are to be secured with non-adhesive porducts such as zip ties.

7. The Ohio State University and the Pickerington Central and North Softball Complexes are smoke free zones - smoking is not allowed.

8. The Ohio State University and the Pickerington Local School District do not allow the use of alcohol. Anyone caught drinking alcoholic beverags will be ejected from the playing site and their team will not be invited back in the future.

The Ohio Stingrays appreciate your cooperation in following the above rules so that we may continue our showcase at these fine facilities in the future.


The competitive purpose of this Junior Olympic softball event is to provide a quality playing venue with like teams so that the softball athlete can state her case for why she should be playing at the collegiate level. Even though this applies primarily to the 16U and the 18U age groups, it is not too early for the 10U, 12U, and 14U age groups to get accustomed to the competitive nature of this event. We expect that all teams will compete hard, but fairly in order to showcase their skills. Our umpires will do their very best to make the correct call as they see it. In light of that, any excessive player or adult behavior that leads to ejection from the playing field may possibly affect that team's standing for entering the showcase in 2014. Excessive arguing of calls will not be worth it. The Ohio State University, the Pickerington Local School District, and the Ohio Stingrays appreciate your adherence to these principles.


All teams must leave a hard copy of their insurance at check-in. Teams also need to produce proof of ASA sanctioning. All playing sites will have their own check-in station.


This showcase consists of a 5-game minimum. Teams will play (4) pool games, but seeding will only be based on the first (3) games within their pool. The 4th pool game will be a cross-over game with a team from another pool and will not count towards seeding. This will allow teams to know the playing time for their first round elimination game earlier than they would otherwise.

Teams will ne seeded 1 through 4 within their pool into a single elimination bracket that will be determined with a point system as follows:

Win = (2) points
Tie = (1) point
Loss = (0) points

If there is a tie at the end of pool play among teams, the following will be used to break the tie:

1. Head to head. If still tied, then.....
2. Least amount of runs given up. If still tied, then.....
3. Most amount of runs scored. If still tied, then.....
4. Lowest numerical zip code on head coach's address of record on entry form.

For pool play games, no new inning will begin after 1 hour and 15 minutes. Pool games can end in a tie.

For elimination games, no new inning will begin after 1 hour and 15 minutes. If the score is tied at the completion of that inning, the International Tie Breaker will go into effect for all future innings until a winner is determined.

For championship games, there will be no time limit - a complete 7-inning will be played. The International Tie Breaker will go into effect for future innings until a winner is determined.

Since this is a showcase, no mercy rules will apply - we want the athletes to be able to get their maximum exposure in front of the college coaches.


During the first inning, each team will be allowed three (3) warm-up pitches and one (1) throw-down by the catcher. Infield and outfield warm-up will be allowed during the first inning only. For all innings after the first, there will be one (1) warm-up pitch and one (1) throw-down by the catcher. No infield or outfield warm-ups are allowed after the first inning.


The Home Team will be determined with the umpires prior to the start of the game via the ball roll from home plate to the pitching rubber. Each team must turn in an official line-up card to the home plate umpire and a copy of their starting line-up to the opposing team.


The Ohio Stingrays College Showcase will use ASA umpires, thus the showcase will be governed by the 2013 ASA Official Rules of Softball. Please make note of the following:

1. Pitching distance will be:
    - 35 feet for the 10U age group
    - 40 feet for the 12U age group
    - 43 feet for the 14U age group
    - 43 feet for the 16U and 18U age groups

2. Metal cleats are allowed for 14U and up play.

3. Umpires are free to check all equipment to insure that it meets appropriate guidelines.

Also, the following exceptions will apply:

1. Teams will be permitted unlimited defensive substitutions in all games.

2. Teams may bat any number of players in all games from a conventional 9-player batting order through the maximum number of players on the team - it is up to the coach and must be declared before the start of the game. However, the total number of offensive players starting the game must be the same at the end of the game. Any team batting less than the maximum number of players on the team can make an offensive substitution, but it must be reported to the umpire and the opposing team. If a team bats all their players and an injury occurs to any player and that player is not able to continue, that player's spot is recorded as an out.

3. Pitcher and Catcher may have a courtesy runner. Courtesy runner is to be a player not in the batting line-up. If all players are in the batting line-up, courtesy runner is to be last batted out.

The Ohio Stingrays will provide (1) new softball and (1) used softball for each game.


In light of the Sportsmanship Guidelines listed earlier, we would surely hope that tams do not resort to a protest. However, if a protest is lodged, the following will apply:

1. Cost will be $250 cash payable by the protesting team and will go directly to the Stefanie Spielman Fund whether the protest is won or not.

2. Protest must be lodged before the next pitch takes place.

3. Protests will be directed to the Umpire-In-Chief and will be resolved by the following committee:

Tournament Director
Assistant Tournament Director

Tournament Information: 


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